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"The First Time"

Single Release coming March 2018!!!

Excited to release this song in 2 formats RADIO and ACOUSTIC on March. 8th on itunes! Please purchase the track to show your support. Thank you! 


  • 5:04
    lyrics and Vocals by Dana DellaCamera aka Facet 3 music by Nakedown
  • 3:18
    Lyrics and Vocals by Dana DellaCamera aka Facet 3 music by Nakedown
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Facet 3


facet 3 is a singer/songwriter born in Connecticut and has lived in South Florida for most of her life. 
For 5 years she was the lead singer and songwriter for alternative rock band, Nakedown, and had been written up in the Sun Sentinel as a โ€œband to watchโ€ in the South Florida Music scene until she left the band to have a solo career. facet 3 has been acknowledged for her song writing ability in several online publications.

She is currently working on her solo album and is working hard to release a new song every month in 2018. 

Vocals, Songwriting / facet 3 aka Dana DellaCamera
Piano / Niki Parker
Sound Engineer / Music Producer / Jonah Orellanos



Event Dates

March 3, 2018     facet3 EP RELEASE & Live Music Performance with surprise guests

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm, 1310 Gallery, 1310 SW 2nd Court Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312